Customer Acquisition

We assist clients in the processes associated with acquiring new customers. This includes outbound telesales, inbound telesales and direct marketing.

Customer Care
We help clients in contact / call center management by providing services that span voice-enabled customer care, online transaction support, help desk services...

Company profile

We as Dhyey BPO facilities that are specifically set up to manage telephone calls from customers. We are intended to provide orderly cost efficient telephone-based services. We serve as the primary telephone interface with customers for specific services provided by the agencies. Our call center has structured environment where calls are handled by a group of skilled professionals who provide the service required by the caller or transfer the call to someone designated for that purpose.

Organizations need to purposefully monitor and analyze the performance of their call centers to ensure the benefits are realized at reasonable cost to them. Each call to a call center is a 'moment-of-truth' for a customer's perception of the agency. The impressions made by us on a customer are a significant contributor to whether benefits are delivered at reasonable cost to agencies.

In the support scenario or visitors having difficulty with a web site scenario, the callers can often become frustrated, irate and abusive whilst also becoming disillusioned with the company/service. But we have the ability to handle multiple chats by with the wait time can be reduced therefore improving the customer experience/ liaison.

Our Operators generate new ideas for the clients, design/suggest campaigns for them based on the new functionality that we can offer to our clients.




Inbound Call center offers dynamic support for all your Inbound communications. Maximum phone productivity, better market coverage, skilled & professional talent pool, faster ramp-up of new campaigns, higher lead generation...

Contact Info

8/A , Ground Floor ,
Capital Commercial Centre ,
L.I.C. Building , Ashram Road ,
Ahmedabad - 380009