Customer Acquisition

We assist clients in the processes associated with acquiring new customers. This includes outbound telesales, inbound telesales and direct marketing.

Customer Care
We help clients in contact / call center management by providing services that span voice-enabled customer care, online transaction support, help desk services...

Customer Care

In an intensely competitive marketplace products can become commodities and services the true differentiators. Managing and exceeding customer expectations by providing services while reining in costs is a real challenge for companies worldwide.
per competitive environment, global organizations are striving to:
  •  Improve customer service quality
  •  Improve customer retention
  •  Ensure security of customer data and information
  •  Manage customer service expectations and costs
Dhyey Bpo offers customized and comprehensive customer care solutions to the Banking and Financial, Telecommunications and Media, Travel and Tourism and Healthcare industries.
  • Reduced cost of providing quality care through effective customer care call center solutions
  • Increased customer satisfaction leading to reduced customer churn
  • Increased revenues by better understanding and catering to customer needs
  • Better customer understanding by implementing regular mystery shopping and quality and by providing dedicated quality analysis




Inbound Call center offers dynamic support for all your Inbound communications. Maximum phone productivity, better market coverage, skilled & professional talent pool, faster ramp-up of new campaigns, higher lead generation...

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